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Rui Qiong Liu, licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac,) and Doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.)in California, has over thirty years of clinical experience in the traditions of Eastern medicine and holistic healing.

She was educated in China and graduated from the Traditional Chinese medical University of Hunan, and worked at Hunan People's Hospital in China for thirty years.

Dr. Liu earned a doctorate in Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University, located in Southern California.




 Acupuncture  $35 (For facial)

                         $45(For one side of the body)   

                           $65 (Includes front and back sides of the body)   


Pain Relief     $65 (Includes acupressure (or massage) and other Chinese medicine therapies)

                           $65 (Includes  acupuncture and other Chinese medicine therapies)

                           $80 (Includes acupuncture, acupressure (or massage) and other Chinese medicine therapies)


Acupressure      $30/30mins   $45/hr  $65/90mins    

Body Massage   $25/30mins   $40/hr   $60/90mins  $80/2hrs

Foot Bath (Foot Reflexology)   $20/30mins    $35/60 mins  

Others: Cupping-$25/20min    Guasha-$30/15min   Hot Herbal Pack   $5-10/20min

Fungal Nails(Onychomycosis): $120—$480 Cure nail fungus in 3—6 months without surgery or oral medications. If treatments is needed. free topcal medication will be provided within one year.

Chinese Herb prices vary

Located at:

320 10th St. Ste.307

Oakland, CA 94607

Tel: (510) 420-5787        Fax: (510)835-0158

E-mail: Dr.liulac@yahoo.com


Business Hours:

Acupuncture:  9:00am-7:00pm Monday - Saturday (Please make an appointment.)

Massage:  9:00am-10:00pm 7 days a week with professional Masseur and Masseuse. 

Beauty Salon with an Experienced Beautician. (Please make an appointment)

Please call today for an appointment or inquiries.



With over thirty years of clinical experience, Dr. Liu has expertise in effectively treating numerous conditions with Eastern medicine.

Our clinic has treated the following:


Auto accident injuries, Workers Compensation cases, sports injuries, sprains, acute and chronic pain


Fungal Nails (Onychomycosis) and Stubborn Ringworm 

Herpes Zoster:

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs on both internal and external treatment can rapidly relieve pain and shorten the  duration of symptoms.


Other conditions we treat:

 Insomnia, stress, and depression:

Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Chinese herbs taking can help to improve those problems.

Additionally, we can heal bruises, improve circulation, open blocked meridian flow, reduce pain and suffering, and in many cases gain full recovery.

Chronic Bronchitis:

Three kinds of therapy (acupuncture, massage and Pa pot) combined to treat chronic bronchitis have a significant and lasting effect. The treatment, with one course (10 times) can reach a 98% efficiency and a 65% cure rate. If with bronchiectasis and asthma, treatment should be extended.

Deafness and Muteness:

Dr. Liu has experienced success in treating deafness and muteness while in China. Acquired deaf-mutes and patients who are under 30 years old experience around 50% effective rate. Congenital deaf-mutes and patients who are over 30 years old experience around 20% success rate. People believe that once a nerve is damaged, that no treatment can help the problem, but acupuncture has miraculous strength.

By using our Hair Growth Scalp Tonic on the scalp where the hair roots are, you can improve your situation. Use it 1~2 times everyday. Depending on the individual, it may take from one to three months for full benefits. Ideally this tonic would be supplemented by herbs which tonify the kidneys and promote hair growth.

High blood pressure:
We can helps prevent, control and treat high blood pressure, as well as help prevent strokes, also we can effectively deal with stroke recovery, improving speech, balance, facial imbalances, paralysis and leg numbness.


Reduce the side-effects of both chemical and chemotherapy treatments. They improve immune functions and general extent and quality of life.

Some long-term illnesses and conditions we treat:

Digestive and Bowel disorders

Strength enhancement

Remain flexible, stay young and prolong youthfulness. Beauty, fitness and weight reduce. Balance, circulation of blood and qi flow. Through methods of acupuncture, exercise, and weight loss, you can maintain a good figure and beautiful appearance.

Supplemental Treatments:

Therapeutic Massage

Traditionally, massage is part of a complete system of health maintenance.

Herbal Treatments
help regulate the flow of qi and blood.

Dr. Liu's practices full range of holistic treatments as a prescription for staying healthy, preventing illnesses, staying youthful and energetic.




在美国加利福尼亚州South Baylo 大学获取了东方医药博士学位。

1. 车祸, 工伤,运动受伤, 各种急性和慢性痛症: 颈椎病,肩周炎,腰椎间盘突出症,风湿性关节炎,        偏头痛,腰腿痛等。跌打损伤治疗可改善血液循环,疏通阻塞的经脉,祛除疼痛,恢复功能
2. 灰指(趾)甲及顽癣:无需手术及服药,在3—6个月内包治愈。如果没有治愈,一年内免费提供        外用药物。
3.  带状疱疹,针灸及中药内服外涂,可以迅速止痛及缩短病程。
4.  失眠症,压力过大,精神抑郁症:针灸,推拿及配合服中药对此有非常好的疗效。
5. 慢性支气管炎: 针灸、推拿点穴及拔罐三种治疗法综合治疗慢性支气管炎。疗效显著持久。疗程          短,治疗10次(一疗程)即可达到98%的有效率和65%的治愈率。如果合并支气管扩张及哮喘,疗程须延长。
6. 聋哑:刘医师在中国有丰富的治疗聋哑的经验后天性聋哑和30岁以下的病人有百分之50的治疗效率。
7.  脱发及头发干枯:采用祖传秘方配制生发液。涂于发根部,每天1到2次,疗效显著
8.  高血压:针灸及服中药可有效地帮助预防,控制和治疗高血压,以及预防和治疗中风,面部瘫痪及肢体麻木。
9.  各种慢性病及疑难杂症:儿童多动症及自闭症, 糖尿病,急、慢性肝炎,不孕症,甲状腺功能亢进症,过敏,慢性腹泻。 
10. 癌症:减少放射治疗和化学治疗所引起的副作用。 提高免疫功能和生活质量, 延长生存期。
11. 延年益寿,美容减肥:中医针灸的各种治疗可以帮助调理全身气血经络通畅,保持头脑和身体的       灵活性,保持良好的体重和美观的外形,美容减肥,保持年轻及延年益寿。





CoCo 张:香港高级美容师,美国加州执照美容师,20年以上经验,保证满意。 请来电预约
针灸:    $35 (美容)
痛症治疗: $65 (包括推拿和其它中医疗法)
                      $65 (包括针灸和其它中医疗法) 
                      $80 (包括针灸、推拿和其它中医疗法) 
指压推拿:    $30/30分钟   $45/1小时    $65/90分钟  $85/2小时
按摩:    $25/30分钟    $40/1小时   $60/90分钟    $80/2小时

足浴及足底按摩  $20/30分钟   $35/1小时    
其它治疗: 火罐 $25/20mins       刮痧 $20/10mins      中药包热敷 $5-10/20mins
灰指(趾)甲及顽癣:$120—$480.00. 无须手术及服药,3—6个月包治愈,如果需要,一年内免费提供外用药。
方脉: $20.00次 
          三楼 307 室 CA 94607


营业时间:针灸:9:00am-7:00pm 星期一至星期六 请预约)
                   推拿:9:00am-10:00pm 每周7天
                 美容:9:00am-7:00pm (请预约)